Service Process

Our Services

Wishvision is a private clinic that does not partake in the the National Health Insurance scheme. We require patients to pay the full fee. It is a one-off payment that includes the initial 1-on-1 consultation and examination, the Smart TransPRK procedure, the post-operative care pack and eye drops etc, and 8 post-operative follow-up appointments over 2 years.

2.5 hour consultation

We cover everything you need to know about refractive surgery, including the different types of refractive surgery, and their relative risks and benefits.


A highly comprehensive pre-operative examination.

Smart TransPRK

no-flap, no touch refractive surgery.

7 post-operative follow-up appointments

1-on-1 VIP service


Initial Consultation

We will discuss your needs and briefly explain the procedure.

Step 2


Our professional consultants will take you through all the examinations. The doctor will review the results and make a decision on whether surgery is appropriate for you.

Step 3

Surgical Consultation

We will discuss in detail the surgical procedure, risks, expected outcomes, and answer any questions you may have.

17 Diagnostic Tools

4 Vision Assessment

  1. RK-F2(Canon)
  2. HDR-9000(Huvitz) Digital refractor 
  3. HLM9000(Huvitz)
  4. HDC9000(Huvitz)

6 Corneal Examination

  1. Osmolarity Test(TearLab)
  2. NSP9900(Konan)
  3. Scout(Schwind)
  4. Peramis(Schwind)
  5. OCT(Optovue)-with RTVue XR Angio+ETM Fundus tomography
  6. 900-BQ(Haag-Streit)

2 Lens Examination

  1. TX-20P(Canon)
  2. G4(Ziemer)

2 Crystal Examination

  1. LS900(Haag-Streit)
  2. iTrace(Tracey)

3 Retinal Examination

  1. CR-2 AF (Canon)
  2. Octopus600(Haag-Streit)
  3. 900-BQ(Haag-Streit)


Booking the Surgery

You can book the surgery date immediately, or organize a date later should you need time to think it over.

Step 5

Pre-Operation Assessment

On the day of the surgery, some examinations will be repeated. This provides accuracy to ensure the safest, best surgical outcome.

Step 6

Pre-Operation Planning

The doctor will review the repeat examinations results and re-assess your suitability for surgery. They will then explain the procedure, the possible risks and complications, and clarify any concerns you may have before completing the consent form.


Pre-Operation Preparation

We will instruct you to cleanse your face, put on surgical gown, hat and shoes, and provide oral pain relief.

Step 8

The Operation

The procedure is done in a hospital grade operation room with a strict particle-free policy to ensure safety and the best surgical outcome.

Step 9

Post-Operative Care

You will be given a surgical care pack and taught how to take care of your eyes after the procedure, including eye-drops and lifestyle measures.

Step 10


Appointments are recommended after the procedure at 4 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. These follow-up appointments monitor corneal epithelial healing as well as improvement in visual acuity and quality. Medication may also be changed or tapered as per doctor’s assessment. All follow-up appointments are included in the initial one-off payment.