About Surgery

  • Q What is Smart TransPRK? What are the pros and cons?
    Smart TransPRK is an enhanced version of the traditional PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) procedure. It has 4 main benefits: 1. Retains the most residual corneal thickness compared to other refractive procedures. This means you have a more stable cornea, with less risk of keratoconus etc. 2. No flap. This is very important as a corneal flap is associated with many serious complications, all of which are completely avoided with Smart TransPRK. 3. No touch. Only a speculum is used to hold your eye lids open during the procedure, no other instruments touch your eyes. 4. Single step. The Amaris 1050RS can complete the procedure in a single step, significantly reducing the procedure time, leading to better visual outcomes and patient experience. The concern most people have regarding this surgery is the post-operative discomfort experienced as the epitheium grows back over a couple of days. Traditional PRK was a very painful procedure but the advancement in technology has made this procedure much more tolerable.
  • Q Is the laser procedure painful?
    Analgesic eye drops are administered before the procedure, so there is generally no pain during the procedure. You may hear the sound of the laser or notice some smells during the procedure, but our friendly staff will be there to help you feel as relaxed as possible.