Do you want to receive a Laser Eye Surgery but worry about surgical risk or postoperative eye dryness? The 3 major myths debunked by experts.

Myopia basically is a disease just like other illnesses, surgery is also one of the interventions for treatment. Nevertheless, some people may still worry about the operation on such a precise and important site as the eye. Fortunately, the development of Laser Eye Surgery has been much advanced the past years, automatic laser technology is commonly used to reduce human error, increasing safety. But most importantly, only comprehensive communication with the physician and detailed tests prior to the surgery enable successfully performing vision correction with protection of eye health.

Major myths debunked for Laser Eye Surgery

1.Will surgical failure cause blindness?

“In fact, the possibility of blindness has been very low, with rare failed cases too.” Assistant Manager of Clinical Research for WishVision, Chen Si-Ru indicates, for patients, a surgical failure is always perceived when the postoperative vision is not like the originally expected. Therefore, in preoperative communication, a common consensus must be reached for issues such as the level of vision correction, or the improvement in astigmatism. For those patients coming for consultations who have received Laser Eye Surgery but felt unsatisfied with the vision, the physicians would also provide assessment to see if appropriate for the second operation, explaining related concerns.

2.Will myopia occur again after receiving Laser Eye Surgery?

Patients with long-term use of computer, communications and consumer electronics are more likely to experience myopia again, which is so-called myopic regression. Keeping good habits in use of the eyes is the only way to avoid recurrent myopia, e.g. never use the eyes in shorter distance for a longer time, take a rest if eye strain occurs, take a rest for 10 minutes after use of the eyes in shorter distance for 30 minutes.

3.May I get to work or exercises right after the Laser Eye Surgery completed?

The presence of painful or foreign body sensation from patient’s eye may be used to determine if suitable for work. Chen Si-Ru explains, “The eye generally experiences a bit foreign body sensation within the first two or three days of the Laser Eye Surgery, but that basically will not affect daily life. For those who may worry about the work affected, it is recommended to receive the surgery on Thursday, taking good rests during Friday to Sunday, and going back for work on Monday as usual.” As for exercises, preferably start it one month later.

Suggested 5 inquiries prior to receive Laser Eye Surgery

  1. What are the items included in preoperative tests?
  2. Do you fully understand the operative comparison on strengths and weaknesses, as well as safety for Laser Eye Surgery?
  3. What is the performance of level for vision correction from Laser Eye Surgery?
  4. What are the items covered in postoperative care provided by the physician and the healthcare institution?
  5. Is there any risk of ocular diseases existed in the future?

Before you decide to receive Laser Eye Surgery, in addition to understand all the myths related to the surgery, most importantly, it is imperative to clearly consult the physician on conditions of your eyes, especially on corneal thickness and illness of the eye, requiring prior professional examination from the physician.

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