Is it really safe for the Laser Eye Surgery developed for more than 20 years?

Will astigmatism happen after the surgery? Will blindness happen? No more any extreme sports?
Why do some physicians not receive such a surgery? How to choose a suitable operation? Why does Smart TransPRK differ?


Common myths about Laser Eye Surgery

1.Will astigmatism occur after a Laser Eye Surgery?

Dr. Liao indicates that the presence of astigmatism is determined by genes, 100% resulted from heredity. Astigmatism refers to myopia with angles, myopia and astigmatism can be jointly treated during the procedure of Laser Eye Surgery. The fact is not like some hearsay of astigmatism resulted from a Laser Eye Surgery.

Will presbyopia come earlier after receiving a Laser Eye Surgery?

Presbyopia is associated with the gradually decreased function of visual focus accommodation from ciliary muscles contraction caused by aging. Laser Eye Surgery is conducted only in corneal epithelium, which will not affect function of ciliary muscles, thus a Laser Eye Surgery does not make presbyopia occur earlier.

3.Will blindness happen if the Laser Eye Surgery failed?

Dr. Liao indicates that Laser Eye Surgery has been developed for more than 20 years, presently, with the advanced laser techniques as well as the instruments and technology in preoperative evaluation, for those whom have been assessed by the physician as qualified for a Laser Eye Surgery, the possibility of blindness resulted from the operation is very low. Clients preferably choose medical institutions providing careful evaluation to receive the Laser Eye Surgery.

4.Can I still engage in extreme sports after receiving the Laser Eye Surgery?

If you worry about the possibility of being unable to engage in extreme sports after Laser Eye Surgery, preferably choose the operation without removal of corneal flaps to avoid worrying about corneal-flaps deviation, e.g. Smart TransPRK.

5.Why do some physicians not receive such a surgery?

People frequently wonder that if there is no any risk in Laser Eye Surgery, why do some physicians not receive such a surgery themselves? Dr. Liao states, nature of operation in Laser Eye Surgery is relatively similar to that in aesthetic medicine, both are selective surgeries performed based on individual needs. Moreover, conditions of the eye are also crucial to the operation. WishVision provides very comprehensive testing items, after Dr. Liao’s personal assessment, because of the high myopia with insufficient thickness of corneas, as well as no any problem for him in wearing glasses, thus he did not do it. Nevertheless, many ophthalmologists received Laser Eye Surgery themselves and conducted for their family. Moreover, plenty of world-renowned physicians with practice in various operations attach importance to safety, thus choosing Smart TransPRK.

Operation features of Smart TransPRK

  1. No apparatus contact with eyeballs
  2. Safe
  3. Decreased risk in postoperative eye dryness
  4. Excellent quality of postoperative recovery. There are presently four commonly used operations for Laser Eye Surgery in the country, each has individual suitable population. Smart TransPRK uses laser during the entire procedure, thus unnecessary to use apparatus or instrument contacting eyeballs, nor fixing eyeballs with negative pressure. Moreover, with the patent technology of laser instrument, it provides amazing outcomes in either precision of myopia correction, postoperative corneal stability or quality of postoperative recovery! Dr. Liao shares his experience, many patients were surprised at such a short duration of the surgery, ending before a song completed played. On the other hand, Smart TransPRK involves superficial ablation without removal of corneal flaps, the decreased damage to optic nerve may reduce postoperative risk in eye dryness. Nevertheless, because the naturally recovered corneal epithelium after Smart TransPRK takes time but without any wound after corneal recovery, which would certainly lead to a longer time of recovery period. For patients chose WishVision Eye Center to receive the surgery, since the eyes are for a lifetime, they all think the postoperative safety is much worthy of 1 or 2 days of recovery period.

Consultant’s personal experience in Smart TransPRK

As a professional medical staff with the experience previously working as a consultant for other eye clinic, after understanding Smart TransPRK’s advantages and features with the job in WishVision, she also chose to receive Smart TRansPRK. The consultant from WishVision indicates, there will be no injection during the surgery, local anesthesia will be applied by dropping anesthetics, the eyes lost sensation right after completed anesthetics dropping. After that, the physician placed an eye speculum to hold the eyelids. During performing laser, she felt only a stream of warm feeling. Because her myopia was not very high, it took only 30 seconds to complete the operation for one eye. After recovered from anesthetics, she felt a foreign body sensation similar to the extended-wear contact lenses previously. The consultant from WishVision states, she experienced postoperative conditions including photophobia and eye dryness but photophobia was improved within one week after the operation, and eye dryness disappeared one month of the surgery.

The consultant from WishVision expresses, WishVisiosn aims to be the healthcare provider attaching most importance to eye health of the clients, so spared no expense to choose 14 instruments from world-leading medical equipment manufacturers, providing 44 items of detailed data in preoperative evaluation, enabling the physicians to perform assessment for patients’ eye conditions using the most comprehensive data. Nevertheless, such a comprehensive and precise testing is free of charge, and the registration fee is also free of charge before or after the surgery.

There have been more than a million successful cases shortly within 3 years after Smart TransPRK introduced. If you are interested in Smart TransPRK at WishVision, you are welcome to directly reserve a visual evaluation to confirm your eye conditions to the criteria, or you may first participate in the monthly free workshop on Laser Eye Surgery organized by WishVision, deciding if you would receive a Laser Eye Surgery after further understanding.